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ePaper PHP Script – Multi Design Template System

Epaper Script is the best solution for online ePaper/eMagazine. Give real newspaper experience to your readers.

Epaper CMS PHP Script is most advanced software for publishing electronic edition of newspapers. You can publish electronic version of your newspaper or magazine using our Epaper CMS PHP Script Software.

Publish Your Newspapers and Magazines Online Do you have a newspaper or magazine? Publish them online as an eNewspaper.

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Epaper CMS Cloud

The Epaper CMS Cloud is a content management system with the help of which you can create an Epaper website of any newspaper or magazine. Keep in mind that this is not a CMS to create a news portal. News portals are not created through this. You can use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal to create News Portal. Epaper CMS creates Epaper sites.

For example, if you have a magazine or newspaper printed, you can upload its pages in PDF or JPEG as an Epaper. And your readers will be able to read those pages (which they used to read in physical paper) in electronic form on their computer or mobile.

What is Epaper?

With the advancement of technology comes several breakthroughs, especially regarding making life easier and more stress-free. The newspaper is something many people read across the world, and with technology Newspaper, E-paper has come into existence. We can also call it an online newspaper. Newspaper E-paper has come into view and has transcended the usually printed newspapers many are familiar with.
A newspaper E-paper is an electronic document seen via a computer network that could be fuelled by the internet. It runs through an online E-paper publishing that creates an online E-paper solution, such that just about anyone can have access to news on their electronic devices (mobile phones, computers, electronic gadgets and tabs etc.). It is sometimes specifically the digital version of an already printed newspaper.
In sum, we can say a Newspaper E-paper is an electronic form of newspaper that is reusable, self-contained and of course, a refreshable version of newspapers that houses information electronically. It is simply the online version of a newspaper that makes access to news super easy, anytime.

Advantage of Newspaper E-paper

1. It gifts you the privilege to easily choose the information that will interest you the most.
2. It is free. All you need most of the time is your internet data.
3. News from around the world can be accessed easily.
4. There is no need to switch between multiple websites to access news; all you need can be sourced in a Newspaper e-paper.
5. Newspaper e-paper affords you to easily get news almost instantly, unlike traditional newspapers where you might have to wait before the papers get to you.
6. It is more economical when compared to the various other forms of news dissemination and distribution.
7. It helps to stay abreast of information at all times, all at your disposal, and gifts you convenience to access news wherever you are. This makes it a brilliant online e-paper solution!

Epaper Software Features

Update epaper CMS Unlimited licence. Publish Your Newspapers and Magazines Online Do you have a newspaper or magazine? Publish them online as an eNewspaper.

White Labeling

Put your own branding and White label the CMS

Page Builder

Design and customize your epaper website with easy to use Page Designer tool.

Host on Your Own Server

Host your Epaper site on your own custom domain

Area Map Editor

Create area maps of your pages with our Area Map editor

Advertisements Spaces

You can place advertisements on your Epaper site and generate revenue

PDF to JPG Converter

Upload your PDF and it will automatically convert it to JPG

Area Map Linking

With area map linking you can link parts of stories.

XML Sitemap

Dynamically generated XML Sitemaps