PHPVibe – Video & Multimedia CMS license Now $49


A professional video cms built for webmasters and video enthusiasts

The PHPVibe video cms takes care of the many challenges owning a video websites puts your trough: Video upload and conversion, image sharing, music uploads, thumbnail generation, user profiles, social like interactions, comments, categories… it’s an all in one multimedia solution.

A modern cms with the versatile mix of features webmasters need : video uploading & conversion to multiple qualities, social video sharing, images and music.

Already packed with:
– Video upload! With ffmpeg conversion (all formats), thumbnail extraction, duration calculator OR without ffmpeg (web playable formats only) with manual inputs.
– FFMPEG commands editor (no need to edit code)
– Multiple qualities (easy to use & player switchable)
– Video sharing! Easy share videos by just their link, edit detail as needed..
– Youtube importer. .
Youtube API v3 based mass-video importer (embed + all video details provided by Youtube)
– Likes, comments, categories, filtering lists, playlists, quick utilities.
– All the major video players available on the market are bundled
– Channel / User profile – Messaging
– Image uploads with separated lists, filters, collections, comments, likes.
– Music upload (mp3) and services (soundcloud), music lists, filters, comments, likes, playlists.
– Internal activity tracking „a la Facebook“ offering some sense to visitors of what’s going on in their shares and community
– User subscriptions
– Facebook & Google logins
– Facebook comments option
– Social sharing of media
– Related multimedia
– Ads (banners, html, js code)
– Video ads (pre-roll, post-roll, over-video ads)
– VideoJs supports VAST/VPAID Ads via included plugin

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