What is BDIX Hosting? Benefit of BDIX Hosting

What is BDIX Hosting? Benefit of BDIX Hosting

Nowadays we know the name of BDIX Hosting & we all use the internet. Many people are more inclined to use broadband than modems due to the availability of network services in different areas, especially broadband net service packages. The main reasons are

  1. Good Speed
  2. 24 hours net running facility at low cost
  3. Advantages of download server
  4. BDIX Connectivity

Although everyone knows the first three things above, the last point may seem unfamiliar to many. Today’s tune is basically about this topic. Let’s try to know something about this topic.

What is BDIX?

Whenever we talk about BDIX, one wonders, is this BDIX? Why this BDIX? Let’s find out now what BDIX actually is. This BDIX is the first & most famous Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. It was once mounted to supply physical interconnection for its contributors to exchange and route local Internet site visitors regionally via it.

What is BDIX connectivity?

BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Services Exchange. BDIX creates a kind of virtual network through which you can easily browse websites and download any file from their server in much less time and much faster speed.

How work BDIX Connectivity?

without BDIX Network Fig MyHostit

In this case, whatever the speed of your normal net, you will get a much higher download speed. I am explaining the matter through a simple example. Suppose you using X provider’s broadband internet. Your line is 1 MB speed which means you can download any file at an average of 100kbps speed. This is your normal speed that the X provider gives you according to the monthly charge.

What is BDIX Hosting? Benefit of BDIX Hosting

What is BDIX Hosting? Benefit of BDIX Hosting

If you have BDIX connectivity to that provider, you can download much faster files from BDIX Servers or you can visit websites hosted within the BDIX network. In that case, if you download a file from a BDIX Hosted server of 10 MB speed, then your speed will be 1Mb average which is definitely convenient for any user.

BDIX Network Download speed fig MyHostit

This is the real advantage of BDIX servers. The interesting thing, in this case, is that some providers are connected to some BDIX servers in addition to their own servers so that their users can browse and transfer or download any web site at high speed from those servers. In this case, some providers keep a list of all these BDIX connected servers on their own servers, and in many cases, the user has to find these servers on their own.

What is BDIX hosting?

BDIX Hosting: We already know that The leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh is BDIX. Almost 3500+ Bangladeshi Internet Service Providers (ISP) are connected with BDIX to avoid international routing for local data. The hosting from the server which is connected with the BDIX network is called BDIX hosting.

Advantage: The major benefit of BDIX hosting is that the website online hosted on this community will be visited by Bangladeshi customers up to 200 times faster speed, as it will not pass the global route for Bangladeshi users.

Another benefit is even if your customers have slow global internet speed, they will be capable to go to the website normally except for any difficulty. Even if the global internet web route in Bangladesh is down, your website will stay active.

Areas of use for BDIX hosting: Most of the Bangladeshi Newspapers and eCommerce sites are already using BDIX Connected hosting for speed and performance. Besides, all Bangladeshi banks and financial institutions are using BDIX hosting for a long time. All other sites which are targeting Bangladeshi users are gradually migrating to the BDIX network.

Network Response time on BDIX hosting: Normally without CDN, the network response time of a USA-hosting from Bangladesh with a broadband connection is 250 to 450 milliseconds. The higher it is, the lower the speed of your site from that location or network. In other words, the shorter the network response time, the higher the speed of the site.

Here, the network response time of BDIX Server is only 1 to 10 milliseconds to Bangladeshi users as compared to USA-hosting. So, guess BDIX hosting can be how much faster than US-hosting.

To know more about this read this: BDIX Hosting brings the magic of SPEED

Here are some special benefits of BDIX Hosting server:

  1. Very fast data communication system.
  2. Very fast download speed.
  3. Internal Network that’s why no effect with the global network.
  4. Ping Time very low. Like 1 to 10 sec
  5. Much 200x faster than other locations hosting.

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